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Leh-Ladakh 2014-



Fuck off !! I ain’t sure when i am gonna come back ??
I replied , when my manager called me up and asked , why are you not coming to office ??
I was staying and working in Delhi a place called ‘Malviya Nagar’ in south of Delhi..
I packed my bag , my camera and head towards bus station to catch a bus to Jammu..
Where do you get a bus to Jammu ??
The guy put me in a tuk-tuk and dropped me to the place where the bus was standing !!
Which one do you want ??
Sleeper or normal !!
Normal as i can peep out of the window and think !!
1400 Indian rupees for the ticket which i paid was too expensive back in 2014 !!
Sitting on a window seat for whole night i reached Jammu around 7 am in the morning.. this is the  bus station and it was too hot , there was nothing to explore about as i was heading towards Leh-Ladakh !!
Where can i get a sharing taxi to Sri- nagar ??
I heard they have house boats there ??
You can eat , sleep and party on the lake..
Few people i met in the taxi who started talking to me, telling me more about the place, different landscape, different trees , check posts and a lot of army !!
Reached Sri-nagar around 7 pm !!
While on the taxi, a guy peep inside and asked if i am looking for a room ??
I said no !!
The driver and the other people in the taxi advised me to go with the guy as it was getting dark !!
I hop in to the stranger’s bike who took me to a boat house !!
1000 Indian rupees for the night ??
Too expensive ??
Do you want to buy charas ??
I went out in search of cigarette, notebook and a pen so that i can write !!.
I could not write more…
It was around 8 pm and which seems likes 12 pm at night very few people ..
The owner did aware me not to go too far ??
He gave me something to eat for my dinner… rice, dal and chicken ??
Woke up early around 7 am as i had to catch a sharing taxi again from Sri-nagar to Leh ..


Usually these taxi s leave early morning…
Inside a tuk-tuk i went to the place where all taxis were standing ready to go to Leh , some of them have already left when i reached. I put my bag at the top of the van and asked the driver if i can sit on the front row but he gave me second row !!
I was standing outside and waiting for the taxi to fill up so that we can leave that place asap..
More people were coming .. the driver started the van and for my surprise he asked me to sit on the last row ??
Fuck you i ain’t gonna go with you ??
There is no other taxi ??
This is the last one ??
So what ??
I pulled off my bag and stood in order to find another taxi
The time was moving as it never stops ..
There were no one who was ready to go to Leh , done for the day !!
For my surprise few people gathered together and we managed to hire a taxi to Leh , the time was around 12 pm…
We gonna reach there late at night !!
Lets see !!
The driver was from ‘Kargil’ , different landscape , rivers ,army vans , ‘Zozila pass’ .. the driver was too happy to explain me about all the places which come across….

army -helmet and old monk-

There was a guy in the van who was talking a lot and in a different tone which was irritating all the other people sitting in the van !!  He came up to me and asked if i can click his picture ?? As i was clicking landscape .. the way he approached me was strange but i had that huge camera in my hand that i couldn’t deny !!
This is the peak where they fought and died during India- Pakistan war …
Dead memorial !!
We were driving over the flying choppers , it looked like they have army settlement everywhere..


That mountain belongs to Pakistan ??
We reached ‘Kargil’ around 4 pm the driver went out for the tea and asked us the same ??
It was 6 pm then when he realised a guy is missing from the van ?? The same guy who asked me for his photograph !! no one has paid the rent yet so the driver went out searching for him !!.
My first picture from the dslr will surely help them to find out that guy as i took his picture on the way !!
A different driver agreed to take us till Leh…
It was all dark when we were driving up to the Leh and yes a different taxi too..
The driver was from Ladakh ??
It was 12 am. when we reached ‘Leh’ …
I called my friend from driver’s cell phone asked for the directions and went inside a cosy room a family house in ‘Choglamsar’ !!
My last three days on the road were, now interesting memories !!
I stayed at my friend place for a week..
‘Kalachakra’ 2014 , Dalai lama ,
Dry mountains , big stars , straight roads , the altitude …
‘Lamayuru’, ‘Kharu’, ‘Hemis’, ‘Chanspa’, ‘Khardungla’, ‘Hunder’, ‘Panamic’…

2014 world cup soccer
People fighting over countries
Different people from different places
Peace , compassion !!

How many kilometres away, how high ??
More stars , bigger sky
How many days , how many more ??
Eat , pray ,love
Stay quite, stay dumb..
What are they glucose , altitude , a bag full of lather
Or a empty room full of people and chaos in mind
In around circles
In around miracle mind
Surrounded by insects
Smoke , holy tantra
Today tomorrow, yesterday
Emptiness , compassion !!

I moved to ‘Kharu’ a place where one of my friend lives .. he and his family
Drinking alcohol with his father
Swimming in a glacier
Go to ‘Kalachakra’ preaching every morning.. put a headphone in your ear smoke joint and listen what ‘Dalai lama’ is saying .. this happened for one week…
Same routine !!
Then i moved to ‘Chanspa’ again a friend of mine , his house and home stay had a lot more to offer
Child, sister, mother , father
No roof toilets
Shit on the mud !!
Vegetation , cycling roaming around market and villages .. then his friends , drive a scooter for the first time ,bike rental, beers !!
Searching for a rave party at midnight
Went to sleep … over drunken nights !!

Me and three more guys planned a trip to ‘Hunder’ and ‘Manali’ in a small van which was too small to cross the highest motorable road in the world “Khardungla pass’ .. we were carrying a tent , the van had an amplifier instead of speakers , rock music , broken window …
We put our tent near the bank of a river did some fireworks and early morning left for ‘Panamic’ , a friends guest house again , no need to pay money , free food , tree house and hot natural shower !!
While coming back we went out of fuel , went to “Hunder” in search of fuel not the double hump camel ..
Our tires went flat , brakes were not working , local marriage , tent on the danger zone , collecting woods from the road to make a fire .. we reached back ‘Chanspa’ from where we started .. a lot of memories and a feeling of coming back home though it was not mine !!

I was getting tired of that place i almost explored most of the places staying there for more than 4 weeks..
My pocket was getting empty my ATM card , my manager , new job …..
A random night i met a girl , i asked for her email
I went to say goodbye to her
It was a different smell
And i fell in love !!

Took a big van from Leh to Manali with only 2000 rupees in my pocket ..
Met a guy in the van who has planned a escape from a restaurant where he was working, said the owner didnt pay him good so he is going back to manali..
Later, he offered me some joint to smoke !!
‘Rohtang’ pass that what i remember when it was too foggy , dark and the driver was too drunk…
We reached ‘Manali’ around 7pm looking for a bus to DELHI when the same ‘Manali’ guy offered me to stay with him for  couple of days more…
Listen my friend i don’t have money ??
I am from ‘Manali’ i don’t need money from you just stay with me for few days…
I said yes !!
We checked in to a small home stay , eating, smoking and watching tv.
I spent my 2 nights with him listening to his stories and thinking mine ….
He helped me to book a bus to Delhi ,
I don’t remember his face who fed me for two days and shared his stories and smoke …
Reached Delhi early morning looking for a new job and a new text from my girlfriend continues ………..

Visit Nepal with no plans you will be making a lot more –


new road Kathmandu-
christmas in Thamel-

So…if you are planning to go to Nepal for one week vacation ..
Is it enough or should i add some more days??
If you are in India you can catch a bus or a train to cross the Indian border , it takes almost 30 hours by bus from Delhi to Kathmandu, or you can enjoy the Indian railways if that attracts you ? There are no railway lines in Nepal, and if you wanna fly then just grab a ticket , there is only one international airport in Nepal which is in Kathmandu..
Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal, Thamel is the best place to hang out and chill around or A place where you will find all the backpackers..
Lalitpur, Patan,Bhaktapur are major suburbs of Kathmandu. This place is famous for street, art and architecture.. if you are a non vegetarian then there is a lot more to eat for…
You can order eyes, testicles, ears , nose you name the organ of an animal , they will cook it for you..  and if you are vegetarian then juju dahi (local curd), local fruits and cheap hot lemon tea will fulfil your appetite.. ‘momo’ was originated from Nepal and yes if you are alcoholic then don’t miss out on ‘tomba ‘(hot fresh seed  beer) or ‘chayang’ (cold sour beer) cheap to buy hard to digest..
If you are a smoker or a doper don’t worry its not legal but very cheap through out Nepal.. if you like tattoos then you will find some best tattoo artists , nice and cheap..
If you like shopping there is nothing which you can’t find out in Kathmandu..
Public transport is a problem in Nepal so if you are looking for some comfort ride, hire a taxi !!
Ask the money first then get into the cab or if you like adventure hire a cycle as there’s is always scarcity of fuel in Kathmandu .. being the capital its the most polluted and crowded city of Nepal.
Talking about architectures you can see some masterpiece and pagoda style temples. Every other day is a festival in Nepal .. full of colours full of people on the streets buying, selling, staring and roaming around. If you are religious visit ‘Soyambhunath’ its a Buddha stupa from where you can gaze the whole Kathmandu valley.. if you like Shiva visit Pashupatinath , most holy Shiva temple in Asia. Want to try Tibetan or Bhutanese  flavour go to Baudhnath. If you want to study the history of architecture visit ‘Hanuman Dhoka, patan, durbar square, Bakhtapur durbar square and some really old antique houses….
If you want to see live dead people burning go to the bank of Pashupatinath!!
You will find ganja !!

They call it pollen for the black one and ganja or the weed !!
Be aware of cops in Nepal cops are really strict and they don’t take bribes !!
If you want to see how king and kingdom looks like visit royal palace its a museum that will tell you the history of all kings who ruled Nepal.
If you don’t want to do nothing just roam around you will find a lot of stupas and temples may be more than thousands and weird customs..
If you want to change your status in Facebook don’t worry , you will find wi-fi everywhere !!
I will not suggest you a hotel name to spend your nights there are plenty of them depends how much money is there in your pocket..
In case you are a gambler don’t worry there are casino s too but make sure you are not a  Nepali citizen to play gamble!!
If you are horny or like live music go to Thamel they have massage parlour and live music bars , din’t forget to visit purple haze or there are plenty more along the roadside of Thamel…
Once you are tired of heavy traffic and people just turn around go to nearby national park, bungee jumping, paragliding or enjoy yourself inside a ‘pvr movie theatre !!
This is all what you can do in Kathmandu depends how many days you have and what exactly you want !!
Nearest trek will be Gosaikund one of the famous religious lake in Nepal, which is a glacier and a lake …  on-the-sky
If you have more time you can take a public sharing van to Pokhara , visit the temple right in the middle of lake, enjoy sunset , boating, paragliding, zipper line, rafting and beautiful peaks of ‘Macchapuchre (fish tail) or trek up to Annapurna circuit , Annapurna base camp !!
And if you want to get high woke up early in the morning and buy some magic- mushrooms… you can buy it like vegetables… that’s near ‘Pokhara !!
Manang, mustang , upper-lower, Muktinath .. in case if you are interested in seeing the residue of human skeleton and dried colourful mountains ..
If you are in a public transport stay calm they drive real crazy .. and if you are looking for smooth roads forget about it, its all off road !!!
Seven of the highest mountain peaks are in Nepal .. if you have enough time go for trekking Ebc , Abc, Lhotse, Makalu etc..
Searching for peace the one that doesn’t exist ??
Get a bus to Lumbini roam around where Buddha was born !
Tired of visiting temples and stupas ??
Visit Chitwan national park, do safari , swim with elephants and all your jungle fantasies !!
Have enough money you can buy a domestic plane ticket or a private flying chopper  to go almost anywhere in Nepal !!
World heritage sites and national parks in Nepal are like counting how many temples are there or how many Nepali stays outside of Nepal !!
Stop counting …
Its a small country with a lot more to offer !!
Go to the extreme west ‘Rara lake biggest lake in Nepal , Bardia national park get a selfie with an alligator, one horn rhino and wild snakes…
Go to the extreme east you will find tea gardens and gorkha-land they call it Darjeeling ..
Go to the extreme north you will see mount Everest…
Looking for souvenir ?? Dont’t worry will find a lot , just don’t forget to bargain ??
Less on budget don’t worry you can easily spend each day with food and stay in less than 20 dollars…..
If you are looking for infinity an ocean ??
Sorry !!
Geographically Nepal is a land locked country in middle of India and china with too many mountain peaks, rivers and lakes and all are named after districts and zones !!
75 districts means 75 mountain peaks
14 zones means 14 famous rivers !!
So enjoy local food , folk music and happy people around !!

a hook with a dot ??


hook with a dot-

She said life is shit everywhere
So what we will shit together
he and she stuck between a question mark  ??
A hook with a dot
Grass is always green on the other side
When there is nothing wrong ,nothing rite..
She said she is confused
You be free when you got nothing to loose..
She said life is shit everywhere
So what we will shit together
One pot who to decide ?
One by one twice -thrice
A jungle with no people
Home inside our house
Internet, wifi, fuel and nothing to talk about
He and she stuck between a question mark ??
A hook with a dot !!

building a software company in nepal –


My last 6 months in building a software development company in a remote place of Nepal called Dang !!


Welcome to the west Nepal , under develop , cement factory , valley near to Indian territory and people spending a lot of money !!
A cousin brother of mine asked me if i can help him with an international call centre in Dang ??
We need people who can speak good English ??
Who can work whole night ??
U.S. timings ??
We need a gateway to charge foreign customers ??
We need people to trained them and its not easy !!
A lot of time , a lot of  money,
Fighting odds and a lot of patience …
Grab as much as you can for my next six months stay in Nepal …

We will give you 50000 Indian rupees every month excluding shelter, food and abuse !!
It was December when they came up with the proposal which i couldn’t deny once i got indulge in it…
We need manpower ??
There will be a hiring from tomorrow , lets see how many people can speak English here ??
Around 400 people came for the interview   !!
Why not  !! the salary was 15000 Nepali rupees per month and free meal and transport !!
For my stay of about 4 days in Dang, i shortlisted 18 odd people who i can be trained and move further !!
The company do already existed before i came into the picture , its called ‘Creative Techno Solution’…
Two childhood friends from the native place who has done engineering together, somewhere in India and wanted to open a software company in ‘Dang’ , where they can sell software for small scale industries like school, colleges, small banks, small firms and printing designs for school uniforms, badges , id cards , medals and trophy s !!
I want my name and a number on the back of my t shirt so that they can recognise me when i play soccer !!
It was a three stories building, with one big printing machine , one receptionist and too many small rooms to occupy …
They had one separate showroom for their printing display !!
We need a hall or may be two halls ??
Big halls where we can provide training and the other one  for work station with computers and high speed internet line ??
After my four days visit in Dang , i left for New Delhi ….


January 2016 in Delhi looking for job ??
Same old routine , earn money and travel come back , back and forth …
For my surprise three of them including my cousin came to Delhi to bring me back to Dang … in order to carry on their software development company …
Don’t call it yours !!
Call it ours …. Creative techno solution pvt. Limited..
I don’t want to go back to Nepal ???
But we have already broken those walls to make halls as you said ??
I would have said no ..if i didn’t have to pay the Tattoo guy for my first rib Tattoo and money for my room rent , instead i took 20000 Indian rupees from them and left for Nepal ..
In a bus , crossing borders , trying to know each other , drinking beers …
We reached Nepal early morning though the bus ride was not as comfortable for my first complain !!
Soon i shifted to the same office , one personal room for me , to smoke , sleep and think !!
Which carpet ??
What colour ??
How many chairs , cook ??
Which brand of computer ??
How much internet bandwidth ??
It was not that easy to choose and to decide at the same time !!
My days were going good as i was busy teaching them and thinking more about building up a software development company in Nepal that’s again in Dang !!
It sounded like a joke to many when they heard of software ? ?
Websites ??
They gonna call us from US for help with their computers ??
Printing on slippers  ??
My photo on my t shirt ??
Then they asked me which generator should we buy ??
I should have asked them to buy laptop but they rather brought back CCTV cameras !!


We need to hire some experienced web designers and web developers ??
We can open free home delivery ??
Online shopping ??
Putting everything online , your id cards , records , ledgers , bank accounts everything online ??
They made me the chief adviser of the company and handed over me a visiting card with my name and number on it !!! i could not make them understand there is difference between adviser and decision maker ??
It took us two months to renovate the whole building , training and promotions !!
I was looking that company as a whole to call it mine be it software , online shopping or all the other projects we talked about ??
As most of the trainees were college students, out of 22 trainees only 7 left … with their own excuses of exams , night shifts or may be me being more professional and harsh !!
When i was left with 7 people i realised this ain’t gonna work no more …..
Lets stop it …..!!!!!
And concentrate more on our other projects…
They had spent a lot of money and i already told them you have to spend much more ahead if you want this??
Its not easy to carry on , i ain’t gonna take it any further …!!
I did not ask for my salary for last month ??
But they were stuck with their plan to open a first call centre in dang whereas i was more interested in other projects rather than call centre which was way too difficult to run and to sustain !!
We have computers , high speed internet line, generator 24/7 …
What more do we need ??
Manpower ??
Gateway ??
Calls ??
And some trained people , we are left with 7 people who knows nothing and we will be spending more money on calls and trained people from India … ????
Whereas we have something called ‘Creative Techno Solution’ where we can create things ??

This call centre thing is too early for this place ??
Let me go back to India …. please  ??
You guys carry on …
They were counting dollars i guess ??
Not of my surprise they agreed to spend more money on further expenditure for the whole cost which is gonna be too hard to handle !!
I went back brought more people
Show them how it runs ??
How calls come in – goes out ??
How do we  charge money online ??
4500 dollars in one month which was not big but dollars you know !!
I told them to be aware of charge backs and refunds , customer satisfaction , understanding and retention !!
I don’t think they heard any of those rather they put everything on me to take care of all those that matters !!
I ain’t gonna do it ??
Grab it if you can or let it go ??
No …
I ain’t gonna do it , i repeated many times but they did not get it…

They hired some software engineers, a printing man , delivery boys , staff , press meetings , conferences, advertisements and sign board in washroom that says ‘please use the water after use ‘!!
I don’t know how much they learned from me but i learned a lot….
i was getting into something i never wanted to do,….!!
Could not enjoy the whether ..!!!
Not even the high quality weed could make me feel relax…!!!
I was suffocating inside…
I lost a friend  ..
Or call it friends ..??
I lost all those pictures i was saving for all those years
I lost hope …. hopeless breed of human being !!
I started complaining more than overcoming… !!
I was fucked up mentally and socially !!

Friends, money, comfort , promises , lie, faith, business and all those words which defines unsatisfied life !!
I was more happy washing my own clothes, paying for my own cigarette , staying broke and hungry rather than staying dumb inside an AC room , looks cozy and cool but blank and confused from inside !!

Authority was under my control , i hire- i fire , i decide what to choose, they never left me alone, party every weekend  or anytime i want, anything that i want.. ask them to deliver smoking papers from Kathmandu or India ?? i never felt like i need cash for anything when i was getting everything with a blink of an eye.. i was the boss with no money but power and vision, once i thought i can be a leader..!! that’s not what i wanted, i wanted peace which doesn’t exist !!
What the fuck am i doing here ??
I don’t want all this , i never wanted
I want to be different but i don’t want to be an alien ??
Though ‘Creative Techno Solution’ was on its boom including free home delivery , selling software , creating websites , call centre , free food for staff , security guard , CCTV cameras except me willing to escape and say yes to no complains..
I don’t want to change this place into an ‘IT-hub’
If not me someone else will do it ??
Let it remain natural
As it always was , lets create something rather building or changing !!
If i won’t do it now, doesn’t mean i go start robbing a bank ??
So what if they have AC buses and cement factories around ..
People wake up early as 4 am !!
6 am is when college starts !!
8 pm dinner !!
Saturday is weekend ..
Sunday the day starts !!
Lets not change it , lets mould it convert it , more user friendly , the way they wanted…
18 July the end of my staying days almost 6 months i spent
I want to leave this place as soon as possible
Let the Creative Techno Solution be alive !!

my shoes-

It all started from an Indian ATM card –



It all started from an Indian ATM card that does not not work in Nepal !!
Give me a bus ticket to Jiri ??
450 Nepali rupees ??
I will bring money from the ATM wait ??
Sorry, the counter will be closed then..
I think I had that much cash in my wallet to buy  me a ticket to Jiri for tomorrow morning !!
Then I went to the ATM machine ..
”Your transaction has declined ”!!
Same error messages i tried in almost all ATM  machines in Kathmandu !!
Came back to my sister’s house..
Got the ticket ??
Yeah.. i do
So when are you leaving ??
After i told the whole story she managed to get some money, which i promised her to return back once i come back from Everest base camp !!


My   smaller bag became big full packed with useless t shirts and lens hoods .. !!
I was carrying my ukulele too in case i feel too cold i can warm myself strumming ….
No  shocks and  no hand -gloves to keep me warm !!
Do you need a sleeping bag ??
I don’t think so…
Was so exited couldn’t sleep early and woke up late ..
My bus was about to leave me , while i manage to catch it and get into it …
16 days 16 thousand Nepali rupees
Spend 1000  per day !!
The bus was packed with people and goods ..
Fuel crises , long waiting Que in gas station…
Man with violin
Empty gas cylinders , no discounts for elderly
Fighting people ,feeling cold
Been smoking too many cigarettes !!
Some one asked did you get the fuel when at the fuel station ??
The driver replied yeah only 1000 rupees !!
A certain quantity that you get when there is crises between fucking border lines !!
The bus was carrying chicken-chiks and fuel tanks ..
Instead of Jiri they dropped me till Shivalaya !!
I saved my one day trek !!
Time was around 8 pm, when an old lady came to me and asked
Need room ??
100 rupees a night and good food …


Television set , common eating table
Nepali news …
Nepal is going through crises
No import-no export today
Today was the fourth taxation day
100 million below as expected
Grade 10 exams to be postponed !!
No fuel to carry school buses
Chhat puja third day
Celebrated in kathmandu
People of Himalaya Vs people in plains
Differenciate the difference !!
People are still waiting for a change
No basic medicine in mid- western region
‘E-kantipur’ good channel logo !!
Back in the room in order to sleep….



Woke up early around 8 am.  had tea and left for ‘kenze’ which was way far then i expected …
Are you going to school ??
Sun over my head ??
First day of walking !!
They are constructing a road
Soon there will be motors too !!
Climbed up to ‘Deurali’ , went down !!
Some rest and cookies !
Seen houses without roof , felt an minor earthquake last night , villages, schools …
Disaster and beauty
A noise that you can’t see !!
I wanted to reach ‘Sete’ or ‘Sagar’ ??


I crossed 3000 meters already !!
I was following the orange circle when i crossed the bridge went up when a little boy said
This is the wrong way ??
For my surprise , he wanted some chocolate s or money to show me the right way !!
But he was to young to lie !!
I went back to the bridge seen the arrow towards ‘kenze’ !!
Walked more , it was getting dark
Another village , vegetation, local people !!
Pumpkins, trucks and tractors !!
I met a guy who said there’s a shorter way from ‘Ringo ‘ , you get a taxi to Kathmandu from there ??
Crossed a bridge and here comes ‘kenze’ !!
Went inside a random rest house!!
Keeping in my mind 1000 per day !!
400 rupees for room !!
Can i get a tea or coffee may be ??

earthquake-2015 deurali

This is where i met uncle
—‘Rudi’ — ( his name was radolph )
Was too tired waiting for the tea , i went down to the kitchen …
Seen one man doing everything , i decided to stay with him in the kitchen and listen !!
There were two guides too, who were carrying uncle Rudi -!
Said he has been coming to this place for last 53 times with one hand on his beer mug and the other on the rum !!
He was carrying cigarette s from his country
He said he has a castle there and a daughter !!
People smoke who they don’t
He invited me to drink with him
I was drinking listening , as i was getting high , i started recording his voice , i don’t think if he realised ??

folllow the orange circle



Investment banker in 1st class Istanbul flight
Money transportation, refugees
David lama , earth quake victims
Charity and donation !!
What do you think India is rite ?seizing Nepal border ??
Vegetarian has different status in society !!
I used to be a vegetarian
Until me and and my wife had to eat a small lamb before he dies ??
He said something like that !!
We all were drinking and i was smoking too !!
My first joint so far …
I will love to smoke with you up in ‘Namche’ sudi !!
But not now uncle ‘Rudi’ replied and we all went back to our bed ..
I woke up early morning paid 1000 rupees
Including room,food, booze and abuse !!
And the walk continues……




thing called hapiness-


Go enjoy your weekend
Its saturday !!
Grab some beers and friends around
Techno dance floor ,break the ground
Go enjoy your weekend
Its sunday !!
Grab some girls or boys around
Make new friends and understand their emotions and sound
Go enjoy your weekend
Its friday !!
Sit back home clean your house
Clean your shoes
Do nothing you been doing in weekdays
Go enjoy your weekend
For some more weekdays ahead !!

Whose gonna come out first


He and she stuck in a bottle again
One hole
Who to come first
He or she
Its not transparent , i can see through
Swimming across the sea and oceans
To the sand into the bank
There is no money they had
Too small to clean and to mess up
Whose gonna come out first
Let’s go to the doctor
Lets examine who deserve what ?
Lets come out together
Lets break the hole
Break the fight
Staying in the dark to see the bright light !!

as it never stops – no full stops !

counting seconds to make it a minute
Every minute will make an hour
And all those hours
Will turn them into day and night
And all those days and nights
Will pass by
Saying happy new year
Counting  time because it never stops
Every second is a blink of an eye
And all three of them will make a circle in
A constant speed
And just another word we can not see
And all these time will pass by
Saying happy new year !!

t-lak watch

He said – Expectation is your enemy-

i fight you , you fight me
I laugh you lie me
I, me, he she
Everyone we are never free
Never alone
Crossing roads or singing along
I fight you , you fight me
I , me , he and she
Random you shuffled me
Never alone , never free
I fight you to fight me back
We will move together
Make sure we will never loose the track
A home , house or a rucksack
They , us , we , them
Never alone
Never free
Never remain same -insane !!

one night and a day in lucknow



my past six months in Nepal so i was moving to India , happy of course i am gonna meet my girlfriend after almost two years ..
End of July she said …
We exchange some Nepali money into Indian currency , in a three tier cycle rickshaw were crossing the Nepal border , Indian check post , open all your luggage ..??
Photographer ??
The lady police officer said..
They should recognise me by now , i have been crossing this border back and forth this year…
Look at that same tattoo guy !!
Its called smoking paper , you can roll it and smoke !!
Smoke what ??
After crossing ‘Nepalgunj’ , we need a taxi to ‘Lucknow’… !!

cheap and delicious street food-

No small taxi !!
It was around 6 pm getting dark !!
Difference between big and a small taxi was around 3000 Indian rupees !!
Our journey till ‘Nepalgunj’ was in a shared taxi tempo.
Where they put people and luggage altogether !!
We saw an accident where a boy in a scooter fell off and was unconscious and bleeding..
Was high on alcohol or drug when i went nearby to touch him !!
The taxi driver stopped us at a small eating point where you can’t decide ..
What to eat ??
Then he wanted to fill up his fuel tank..
He kept saying whats there in reaching early …
Mother fucker we are getting late !!
We need to cross the border before it gets dark..!!!
This is how we got late !!
Okay fine we pay you 5000 Indian rupees take us to ‘Lucknow’!!
A Nepali young guy came up to me and said i will give you 1000 rupees , please take me to ‘Lucknow’..
The driver said , you can let him hop in the car , you can save something for the breakfast rather sitting  two of you in this huge van or taxi !!
The guy was looking high on tablets or may be some  other kind of abuse..
I have a train ticket to ‘Bangalore’ from ‘Lucknow’ , driver drive fast !!
Drive fast !!
Drive fast !!
How much time it will take us to reach there ??
Drive fast !!
How much time it will take us to reach there ??
Drive fast !!
I like motorbikes , speed and racing …what do you like ? Have you seen that Indian Bollywood movie ??
Its all fake motherfucker !!
That’s not speed !! watch Hollywood movies, they look realistic ??
I have bike and you know the roads in Nepal !!
Bets and speed brother ??
Do you like music ??
What do you do ??
We have a software company in Nepal !! i replied..
What do you do ??
We have a software company in Nepal !!
I made him understand then he started saying.. ‘ i am a big fan of nirvana ‘
Who do you like the most ??
-Blind melon –
Now keep quite please !!
Can a make a phone call ??
He kept saying one or the other thing !!
Which was really irritating for the whole group !!
I asked him if he was high on drugs he refused !!
Rather started asking me if  i take some ??
Mother fucker !!
We reached the hotel in Lucknow , where i was supposed to stay the whole night ..
Ac room , food service and a big hospital on the opposite side…
I spent my night alone trying to watch television after so long …
Back and forth..
I woke up early order hot milk and Paranthas …( chapati filled with potatoes )
Peeping out of the window , there was nothing new out there ??
For my surprise my friend took too long to come back to the hotel , when i already decided to leave for Delhi the same night..
We went out in the bike two bike four people , roaming around streets of ‘Lucknow’, separate lane for cycling, big parks, imported plants, street food, different faces , we took some beers and went back to the hotel room…
Some more people came in with whiskey and beers and a lot to eat !!
Lets party tonight !!
I have a bus to Delhi tonight ??
Cancel it we will party ??
We can enjoy till then you can drop me to the bus station ?? i replied..
They all kept drinking until it was all finished..
Stay for tonight ??
Lets party ??
Do you smoke weed ??
That was my only picture from dslr when i asked them ..
Can we take a selfie on my tripod ??

one more before we say again-









Went out in the car , my head was buzzing , i was high and smelly , chewing Indian tobacco..
Went inside the bus to new Delhi !!
When the interviewer asked me twice
Are you high ??
I said no and i was confused with dates,years and  my experiences  ,
Who the fuck remembers dates and years ??
This all happened when i smoked a joint before the interview..
I was not high ??
May be my eyes ??
May be smell ??
We went back to the metro station as we didn’t have enough money to book the cab !!
That was the last train 11 pm..
Hope we reach on time !!
It was a true rejection from the interviewer not for my over speaking on friendly behaviour.
Me dumb !!
May be she was rite , i should not stay with this guy any longer ??
The metro will drop us till the half way !!
Fuck ??
For my surprise a traveller came up to me and asked how far ‘Pharganj’ is ??
Ok, yeah i know …
We all can book a taxi and share the fare, as this metro is not going any further..
Lets share the free taxi coupons ??
Lets share our name , phone numbers and internet hot-spot to book a taxi online !!
Little chit chats and introduction !!
He was carrying an antique watch , was coming from ‘Rajasthan’ ,looking for a room going back to Lucknow , his home town !!
Ahh .. ‘Lucknow’ i have been there once
Variety of food
Separate tracks for cycling
Forts and huge parks!!
I can’t name you any place though !!
What do you do ??
I have been to 17 odd countries , i do import -export !!
He looked very young but charming and happy face ,innocent smile..i am looking for a job ? just got rejected from one …i will share a number with you who you can contact for my kind of job, the contract is you have to stay in ‘South Africa’ for three months 15000 Indian rupees per month will be your salary and all the other expense, they will bear…. Great…
That’s great do contact me if have any jobs where we can travel and get paid ??
I will book a taxi for you !!
Keep the change ..
And the change continues……….

need to catch a bus to delhi –